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  • What are macronutrients? MD Anderson Cancer Center: Get the gist of what macros are and what foods to avoid.
  • 6 Diet Myths. Atrium Health Wake Forest Baptist: This article points out common dieting myths so you can eat healthier.
  • 25+ Easy Healthy Recipes That Don’t Suck. Student Eats, 2019: Learn about easy, delicious recipes that taste too good to be healthy.
  • 10 quick and easy healthy snack ideas. British Heart Foundation: Discover healthy snacks that are perfect for when those afternoon slumps hit.
  • Low-fat or Fat-free Dairy. New York State Department of Health: Learn about what low-fat dairy products to keep an eye out for and their benefits.
  • How to Choose Low-Fat Meats. Verywell Fit, 2021: This article tells you which meats are healthy, plus healthy ways to cook them.
  • Mesothelioma Diet and Nutrition. The Lanier Law Firm: Discover the difference a healthy diet can make in recovering from mesothelioma.
  • Mesothelioma Nutrition: Diet Tips for Mesothelioma Patients. Mesothelioma Center: Find out why eating a nutritious diet is crucial for mesothelioma and which foods to put on your plate.



  • How to Sleep Better at Night. Tylenol, 2017: This article outlines tips for establishing a healthy sleep routine.
  • 7 sleep myths—busted. Calm, 2021: Learn what’s fact and what’s fiction when it comes to getting quality sleep.
  • The Ideal Bedroom. Better Sleep Council, 2017: Get the know-how for setting up a sleep-friendly bedroom.
  • The Importance of Morning Sunlight for Better Sleep. Sleep Advisor: This article explains how getting morning sunlight can help you sleep better.
  • 11 Sleep Anxiety Tips: How To Calm Anxiety at Night. Casper Mattress: Say “goodbye” to sleep anxiety with these tips.
  • Noise-canceling Headphones Tips and Tricks., 2023: Have a sound and peaceful slumber with these tips for reducing outside noise.



  • American Council on Exercise (ACE’s) Top Ten Mistakes People Make in the Gym. Brookhaven National Laboratory (.gov): Steer clear of these common exercise mistakes.
  • 6 common myths about exercising vs. the facts. Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada, 2021: This article clears up some exercise myths and tells you what’s true.
  • What to Eat Right before a Workout. Planet Fitness: Start your workout on the right foot with the right foods.
  • Water vs. Sports Drinks: What’s Best for our Bodies. UnityPoint Health: Know when to drink water and when to opt for a sports drink.

-YouTube Videos:

  • 38 Dumbbell Exercises You Need To Try by Men’s Health: This video introduces you to 38 dumbbell exercises.
  • The 7-Minute HIIT Workout by DoctorOz: Learn how the 7-minute workout can be an effective and sustainable workout plan.



  • Spending Time in Nature for Your Health—How Outdoor Activities Improve Wellbeing. South University, 2016: Learn about the health benefits of nature and how you can get outside more.
  • Coping with Fear, Anger, and Other Negative Emotions. Partnership to End Addiction: Find out how to identify and manage your emotions.
  • “Don’t Tell Me to Calm Down!” How to Help Someone Who is Angry, Anxious, or Stressed. Symmetry Counseling, 2016: Learn what and what not to do when someone is angry, anxious, or stressed.
  • How to handle adult bullying | Ohio State Medical Center. The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center, 2018: Find out what you can do if you’re being bullied in the workplace.
  • 9 Self-Care Tips For Grief: Reduce Your Suffering in Mind, Body, & Spirit. Mindfulness & Grief Institute, 2021: If you suffered the loss of someone close to you, this article explains different ways to manage grief.
  • Pets Are Like Superheroes For People With Anxiety. The Dodo, 2015: This article goes in-depth about how owning a pet can relieve anxiety.
  • How Music Affects Your Mind, Mood, and Body. Tallahassee Memorial HealthCare, 2022: See how music can be used to manage your emotions.
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  • Why Laughing Is Good for You. Cleveland Clinic Health Essentials, 2022: The health benefits of laughter are nothing to laugh at.
  • Mesothelioma Cancer. The Lanier Law Firm: Gain insights into the different types of mesothelioma and explore the evolving landscape of treatment options.