5 Tips for Dealing with Adult Bullying

Bullying!?  In the adult world?  Bullying only happens in middle school…right?  Sadly, bullying is a serious problem among adults, especially in the workplace.  But before you read the five tips below, it’s helpful to know what bullying looks like and how bullying can impact you.

What Does Bullying Look Like?

Bullies constantly belittle and humiliate their targets in many ways.  Bullies often name-call, use harsh language, and spread harmful rumors.

How Does Bullying Affect Victims?

People who are bullied are more likely to have anxiety, insomnia, depression, and even a higher chance of suicide in some cases.

If you or someone you know has been bullied and is thinking about suicide, call 911 or your local health emergency services immediately.

If you need someone to talk to, call the National Suicide and Crisis Hotline at 988.  They have professionally trained counselors who will speak with you for free.

So, what can I do to stop being bullied?

1. Confront the Bully

Calmly tell the bully how their actions have negatively affected you and that future bullying won’t be tolerated.

2. Avoid the Bully

Do whatever you can to keep your distance from the bully.  This might include changing job positions or leaving your job entirely.  You won’t have to deal with the bully if you can avoid him.

3. Document the Bullying

Some states have laws that give you the power to record bullies, while others do not.  If your state allows it, you can present such evidence to your boss or use it for legal action.

4. Don’t Be Responsive

Bullies like to put others down as a way to gain confidence.  Reacting to the bully only gives him what he wants: a sense of power.  Try your best to appear unfazed by the bully.

5. Practice Self-Care

Bullying can take a toll on your mental and physical health.  Follow an exercise routine, eat plenty of fruits and vegetables, and get quality sleep.  A therapist might also be an option.

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