6 Ways to Regulate Emotions

These six emotional regulation skills give you more control over your emotions while boosting overall well-being.

1. Identify the Emotion

Identifying an emotion can help you learn what triggered this emotion and how you can prevent it in the future. Start by reflecting on the scenario that triggered this emotion.

2. Accept the Emotion

When you accept an emotion, you give yourself permission to feel it. Suppressing emotions only makes them worse.

3. Distract Yourself (Temporarily)

There will be situations where you’ll have to deal with an emotion later, like at work or school. Try listening to music or using a fidget spinner.

4. Have Self-Compassion

Self-compassion means treating yourself as you would your best friend. For example, you wouldn’t tell a friend who’s sad to “get over it,” right? Having self-compassion makes your emotions less daunting to deal with.

5. Express Your Emotion

Journaling, crying, drawing, and coloring can all make it easier to deal with your emotions.

6. Practice Self-Care

A healthy body handles emotions better than an unhealthy one. Make sure you’re getting plenty of physical activity, sleep, and fruits and vegetables on your plate.

A Word of Caution

If you still have trouble regulating your emotions, then consider a therapist. They can offer guidance on ways to identify and deal with emotions. And remember: It’s okay to reach out for support.

Have you ever had trouble controlling your emotions? Did these tips help? Let me know in the comments.

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