Dealing with Guilt

Guilt is an emotion you might feel when you believe you’ve hurt someone. You might feel guilty after accidentally tripping someone, for instance. In this case, guilt is a great sign and shows that you’re empathetic and kind. But not everyone feels guilt like this. Some people would feel that they were not perfect or worthy of certain things, bringing shame, anxiety, depression, and anger. If the following doesn’t help you or someone you know, let your or their doctor know:

1. Make It Right

If you feel guilty, it might not be too late. The respectful thing to do is to apologize. A genuine apology shows that you want to connect and support others who need it. When you admit when you’re wrong, you encourage more relationships in your life.

Guilt can make you think that you’ve hurt someone, even though you haven’t. Next time you have guilt, determine if the person is hurt or not.

2. Learn from It

When you feel regret after what happened, you can learn from it. Imagine how you could prevent the same issue. A reflection of yourself and your actions helps you grow and become mindful of others.

3. Forgive Yourself

It isn’t easy to move on if you didn’t get a chance to apologize. But you can still manage your feelings. Accept and remember that it’s normal to feel guilt. We have a wide range of emotions that are meant to be felt, and mistakes are part of being human.

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