Get An Effective Exercise With Revenge Resistance Bands

Revenge resistance bands are thick bands designed to exercise your hip and leg muscles. They come in a set of 3 different resistance levels and are made out of soft cotton and polyester fabrics with a latex wire on the inside. The lightest resistance is mint, medium is pink, and the heaviest is purple. With Revenge resistance bands you can work out anywhere and at any time in your home, office, or even at a park.

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Product description

Are you not going to the gym for past few months due to Pandemic situation of Covid-19, feeling intimidated, not knowing what to do…
Are you looking for one fitness equipment that you can use at your own place, Which is Lighter in weight and size, Something that you can take anywhere while traveling.

Luckily The Revenge Resistance bands make all these worries to end.

What do Resistance Bands do?

A fabric elastic resistance band does exactly what the name suggests: It adds resistance to Squat exercise. This added glute resistance helps strengthen your hip muscles and pushes you to work a little bit harder.
Resistance bands have a number of benefits including thigh exercises. In addition to their ability to help you strengthen hip circle muscles, they are also affordable, portable and accessible. These bands make the perfect companion to those wanting to exercise when traveling. They are extremely lightweight and can easily be stashed in your suitcase or hand luggage

Why Choose Revenge Resistance bands?

NO SIZING ISSUES: We vary the resistance level of the fabric strength NOT the Band length. Unlike latex/rubber resistance bands, our soft fabric bands will NOT slide or roll up during workouts! Bands are made with superior fabric with a very high resistance stretch, So you never have to worry about ripped/broken bands. TAKE THEM ANYWHERE – Our Booty bands even come with a sporty mesh bag, making it even easier to take with you on the go.

One of the key benefits of Resistance loop bands is that they are so versatile and portable, which makes them a crucial piece of fitness equipment to cart along during one’s travels.


1 × Green Band (Light Level)

1 × Pink Band (Medium Level)

1 × Purple Band (Heavy Level)

1 × Mesh Hand Carry Bag

1 × Instruction Manual Book

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