How To Start Or Keep A Friendship

It’s no surprise that those with real friends are happier than those isolated. That’s because humans are social creatures. We’re made to socialize with other beings or even animals. To socialize, it’s commonly thought that the only way to find friends is through school. While that’s true, there are still many other ways to socialize. You’ll probably run into future friends by joining a sports team, classes that interest you, walking a pet, or just going to a park.


From conversation starters to asking questions about what they do, communication is a must. Talking is what’s needed for you or a friend to strengthen your friendship. Without any communication, friendship is impossible.

Spend Time Together

Assuming you’ve already broken the ice, this is where the real magic happens. Aside from improving your friendship, you two will be used to each other. This is also an opportunity for you and your buddy to further understand each other.

Hangout In Person

Yes, you can look up any question on your pocket-sized computer and get the answer in seconds. Even so, it’s not a replacement for face-to-face talking. When you physically talk with your buddy, you pick up on their emotions, body language, and tone. You’ll understand your friends much better than texting.

Be Positive

Who wants to be friends with an angry person? Your potential friends want to have a friend that they feel comfortable being around. Besides, the last thing your friend would want is negativity in their life.

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