When To Leave Someone Alone

You have the power to comfort and support others. Not just by listening, but by being by their side. The person in need will feel their voice heard and won’t feel alone. Having said that, our help isn’t always appropriate and can make the person feel worse. Unless they approach you and directly tell you their issues, you’re better off giving them some space. Especially if they distance themselves, leave to a private area, or tell you to leave them alone. If none of this was mentioned, that still doesn’t mean they don’t want to be alone.

Short Answers

If someone wants to engage in a conversation, they’d talk a lot. On the other hand, a person who isn’t interested might just say, “I know”, or “Okay”.

Avoiding Eye Contact

Eye contact signifies that they’re paying attention. In this case, eye contact is avoided because they feel uncomfortable, preoccupied, or just not interested.

There are many reasons people avoid eye contact. One of them is scopophobia, a condition in which one fears eye contact. It has been found that the majority who have this phobia also suffer from social phobias, like social anxiety. Treatment includes gentle exposure and cognitive therapy.

Doesn’t Listen

It could be with headphones, or that they’re simply nodding their head without paying attention. If they wanted to talk, they wouldn’t have any distractions. They wouldn’t be staring at their phone or looking away from you.

Being Mean

One who needs help shouldn’t be angry with you. They definitely shouldn’t be calling you names either.

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