6 Healthy Eating Practices

There’s a difference between eating healthy in an unhealthy way versus eating healthy in a healthy way. Here are six healthy eating practices.

1. Don’t Eat Out of Boredom

We tend to turn to the chip bag when boredom creeps up. This can lead to unnecessary calories and overeating. Next time you’re bored, find something to distract yourself with.

2. Listen to Your Body

Pay attention to signs of fullness, bloating, and hunger. Listening to these cues can help keep your body healthy.

3. Eat Foods You Love

Eating should be something you look forward to! If there’s a fruit or vegetable you don’t like, keep experimenting. There are many flavors and textures to try.

4. Don’t Eat the Same Foods Every Day

Not only would eating the same foods on repeat get boring, but you’d be limiting nutrients that your body needs. Switch up the foods you eat weekly.

5. Follow a Meal Schedule

Eating at the same time each day prevents binge eating and helps keep your energy levels consistent throughout the day.

6. Don’t Eat While Watching TV

It’s hard to listen to your body’s hunger cues when eating in front of the TV. Also, you enjoy your food more when you keep screens away from mealtime.

Were you guilty of any of these bad habits? Share them in the comments!

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