Care What Others Think? Here’s Why You Shouldn’t

As you drive to a supermarket’s parking lot, you can’t help but worry about what others will think about your shirt. When you set foot inside, you start to tense up. It turns out, you were judged all along. The other drivers already judged your car, the way you walk, and even your hair color. All before you even got out of your car. Don’t feel guilty for craving approval.

Everyone wants to be liked and praised. Some speculate it’s a feeling for survival; to fit in with other tribes. That’s why we feel terrible once we’re rejected or criticized. This can get messy, as some avoid social interaction and/or live their life to please others. Having said that, only value opinions from those who truly like or love you. Put yourself first with these tips and tricks.

Insults Represent The Offender

Didn’t follow someone’s expectations? Did they go off on you? Their words are a reflection of their lives. Everyone grows up differently around the world. If someone has a negative life, they’ll most likely scream and insult when confronted with a problem.

On the other hand, a positive person will probably talk if there’s an issue. If an insult is thrown your way, don’t take it personally.

Trouble saying “no”? You’re not alone. What many find uncomfortable with saying no is that they believe their answer will provoke a strong response. Another reason people feel compelled to answer yes is because they’ll feel guilt. However, being a yes person can be a sign that you’re a people-pleaser. While just saying “no” can indeed be rude, try to politely say it. For example, “I’m sorry, I’m not hungry, but thank you for the offer”.

You Won’t Be Liked By Everyone

It’s a sad reality, but it’s true. Someone might like your positivity but another will find it annoying. You have to accept that you can’t please everyone, just like not all people will please you. So stop pretending to be someone else and be yourself! After all, why stress over something that no one has control over?

You’re The Last Thing On Their Mind

Our minds are some of the best liars. We think that the person we’re trying to impress is constantly thinking of us. That couldn’t be any further from the truth. They’ve got their own life to live with, their problems and opportunities to think about. Assuming you didn’t hurt anyone or greatly affected their lives, they probably don’t think about you often.

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