Self-Control In 3 Easy Steps

It’s that time again and you’re at an all-you-can-eat buffet. You look at all the glistening foods, but gluttony gets the best of you. When you take the left-overs, regret and guilt wash over you. Just when we think we’re our best, we could always use more improvement. Little self-control translates into possible addictions, bad behavior, and anxiety. Get a hold of yourself, and your life with these tips.


Want to buy that new phone? Be thankful you have one in the first place! Write three or more things you’re thankful for before bedtime. One addition to your list could be reduced anxiety and depression. You might even sleep better.

Tempted to improve on self-control? It’s good and all, but too much self-control is just as bad as too little. Those who have excessive self-control often mask their feelings, are shy, and act robotic. Remember that we’re not perfect, and it’s ok to fall for impulses sometimes.


It’s important to forgive others and especially yourself. That’s easier said than done though. Forgiveness starts when you feel that they or yourself deserves it. From there, it’s acceptance and viewing why someone did what they did to you or what you did to yourself.

Be Nice To Yourself

You’re crueler to yourself than anyone else can be to you. Negative self-talk or negative judgment about yourself will get you nowhere. It’s wasted energy. Instead, look at the brighter side of situations. For example, see an angry customer ranting at you as a chance to grow.

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